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The town of Tolmin, which sunbathes on the terrace above the confluence of Soča and Tolminka rivers, is the administrative centre of the valley.

Tolmin is the largest town and an administrative centre of the Soča river valley. It features a high school and an excellent library and its greatest attractions are the old town centre, great sports facilities and the Museum of Tolmin where one can explore the history of the whole Posočje region.

Only a short walk from the town we can admire the untamed Tolmin gorges, the lowest entrance into the Triglav National Park, and a few kilometres away we can see Javorca, the most beautiful monument from the times when the First World War unleashed upon the Posočje region. It was entered into the list of European cultural heritage in 2006. The Tolmin municipality consists of several regions.

One can explore the story of Most na Soči, the famous archaeological site by a picturesque lake, by taking a walk along the cultural [&] historical path. The valley of Idrijca river is a popular spot among summer swimmers.

Trebuša is famous for its secluded country homes, gorges and waterfalls.

In addition to a breathtaking view, the plateau Šentviška planota also features the splendid Mary’s Church – one of the last creations of the renowned architect Plečnik.

In addition to ordinary trains, a museum train (steam-powered) and a car train (the most comfortable way of travelling between Bohinj and Bled) traverse Baška Grapa on the more than a century old tracks.

The tradition of alpine cattle ranches and with them the famous Tolmin cheese still survives in the surrounding mountain pastures.

Tourist brochures about Tolmin:

LTO Sotočje, TIC Tolmin
Petra Skalarja 4
SI-5220 Tolmin
T: +386 5 380 04 80