The Walk of Peace

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Walk of peace is dedicated to the memory of the multitude of casualties of the First World War.

From 1915 to 1917 the area of the Upper Soča region was part of the Isonzo Front. Soldiers of numerous nations were fighting, suffering and dying here.

Numerous remains of this era have been preserved, such as trenches, fortifications, caves, memorials, military cemeteries, chapels, etc. They represent important cultural and historical heritage of the Upper Soča region.

Since 30 June 2007, the outdoor museums and the most important remains and memorials of the Isonzo Front in the Upper Soča region have been connected into the Walk of peace. It is dedicated to the memory of the multitude of casualties of the First World War. Its purpose is to present to visitors the cultural-historical points of interest and natural amenities of the Upper Soča region.

It starts at Log pod Mangartom, at the entrance to the mine shaft called Štoln, and it ends with the outdoor museum on Mengore hill near Most na Soči. It runs past

It is divided to five sections of different lengths and difficulty levels.

During the tour it is possible to spend a night in the settlements where the sections either start or end, and also in the mountain hut on the alp Kuhinja.

The Walk of Peace is extra marked. It mainly runs along the existing mountain and tourist paths. For those who would like to extend their visit, the Walk can be the point of departure for more demanding tours to the nearby mountains.

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