Dogodek: Soča Outdoor Festival

Datum: 2017-06-30 - 2017-07-02

Kraj: Tolmin

Soča Valley

The successfully carried out first three editions of Soča Outdoor Festival 2013 - 2016 left all participants enthralled, and proved that Tolmin, already recognized as a festival town, together with Soča valley is perfect destination also for a sport festival. Right from the start the ambition of the festival is to become a leading event in the Soča valley, bring together the valley and help establish trademarks: Dolina Soče (Soča Valley), Bovec and the festival trademark Soča Festivalley.

The festival will offer an unforgettable “flow” on the water, trails and in the evening parties. Cyclists will be searching for this exciting state of mind on the numerous trails across mountain pastures of the Soča valley.  The valley and its attractive running paths are already trembling with anticipation. Kayakers will also get to catch the right wave, and paragliding and hang gliding pilots will be chasing the air currents. We will take care also for evening music outdoor parties.

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Rimska 2b
1000 Ljubljana

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